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About AnalysisWorks

AnalysisWorks' innovative solutions help your organization perform at a higher level.

  • A unique combination of Operations Research skills and practical Management Consulting skills
  • Fresh thinking from a group that's passionate about measurable improvements
  • Delivering an average 250% Return on Investment

Incorporated in 2000, we have grown primarily through referrals from succesful projects. We've been especially succesful in Healthcare, Education and Aerospace Manufacturing. Now we are one of Canada's fastest growing companies.

  The AnalysisWorks Team

We pride ourselves in having a high performing team of individuals. Senior clients and consultants have told us that we are the best team they have ever worked with.

Jason Goto, MSc Management Science, BASc: President

For five years he taught simulation methods, statistics, and consulting practices at the graduate and undergraduate levels at the Sauder School of Business. Jason was previously the Associate Director of the Centre for Operations Excellence at UBC where he led applied research projects involving graduate students, faculty members and industry partners.

He developed models and conducted analyses to support decisions concerning systems performance, resource allocation, and capacity planning for major private and public organizations. He provided change management and implementation support in numerous engagements involving significant process redesign and operational change. He worked with a wide range of industries including health care, aerospace manufacturing and logistics.

David Ball, BSc Mathematics: Head of Operations

David is an experienced consultant with a strong background in various roles including project management, strategic planning, resource allocation and change management. He has helped many large and small organizations realize positive change across a wide range of industries including healthcare, education, marketing and aerospace. David has worked in the UK, Canada, and Australia, and he holds an Honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Durham, England.

Alex Jago, MSc Operations Research, BA: Quality Lead

Alex is an extremely detail-oriented Analytical Consultant, with a demonstrated track record of leading projects to success in the past five years. He has a deep understanding of Surgical Services through his many engagements involving Surgical Flow, Surgical Smoothing, OR Time Allocation (RAM), and flow mapping for capital projects. Alex is a top-ranking graduate of University of Edinburgh's masters program in Operations Research.

John LaRusic, MSc Mathematics, BSc: Development Lead

John brings a unique blend of talents to the AnalysisWorks team. Equally comfortable in project management, conceptualizing innovative methodologies, and developing user-friendly software, he is often in high demand on many projects. He offers a high level of in-depth analysis and a detailed approach for each project he is involved in. John’s experience includes several years of developing enterprise applications for the Federal Government of Canada before joining the AnalysisWorks’ team. John completed his undergraduate from the University of New Brunswick, and accomplished his Masters in Mathematical Optimization from the Simon Fraser University.

Qingshan Fan, BSc Computer Science, Data Lead

Qingshan is a technical consultant with a background in application and database programming. Drawing on his education in computer science, he has implemented numerous analyses involving complex data manipulation and dynamic reporting. In addition, he has leveraged his 12 years of experience in programming and development to develop intuitive and graphical user interfaces for simulation models.

Annie Blennerhassett, MBS Project Management, BSc: Project Lead

Annie is a seasoned Analytical Consultant with over 5 years experience spanning Project Design and Management in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. Annie has a proven track record of driving for exceptional results for her clients, while building excellent relationships with the entire project team. Annie is a great communicator and is consistently acknowledged for her ability to clearly and effectively explain technical information to a range of non-technical audiences.

Raj Singh, BComm: Project Lead

Raj is an engaging, passionate, and seasoned management consultant who truly believes in providing the best client experience. He consistently uses his technical expertise in collaboration with excellent interpersonal skills to build strong relationships with all levels of management and ensure the success of the project. Raj is particularly good at seeing the business problem and how that can be solved in any project.

Noel Wu, MASc Biomedical Engineering, Analytical Consultant

With a Master of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering and international work experience both as a consultant and engineer, Noel brings a variety of skills to every project both from a technical and business perspectives. Noel is passionate about automating business processes, developing business intelligence applications, implementing cutting-edge technologies and applying predictive analytics models.

Ally Sluchevsky, BComm: Analytical Consultant

Ally is a diverse professional with experience in marketing and human resources analytics. Focused on developing and implementing tools to support data-driven decision making, Ally has used her ability to create metrics, as well as her relationship skills, to support large scale change initiatives. Ally was a top-ranked graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Victoria, and has formerly worked with companies including Amazon, and Mosaic Sales Solutions. Ally combines her education and experience in Commerce and HR, and her strong analytical skills to ensure that she is constantly delivering excellent results.

Christine Xu, MSc Business Administration, BEng: Analytical Consultant

Christine is a scrupulous analyst with a background from business and information technology. Her natural talent to think plus her modeling skills developed from the experience in quantitative and qualitative research and IT development make her a competitive candidate for solving cutting-edge business questions. Before she joined Analysisworks, she was an independent researcher in UBC Sauder Business School and a Business Analyst in McKinsey&Company.

Ashley Singh, BSc: Analytical Consultant

Ashley is an analytical consultant with a background in operations project management, quality management systems, change management, and client services. Having demonstrated a strong track record successfully leading diverse projects, Ashley utilizes her exceptional communication and project planning skills to build productive relationships and deliver outstanding results.

Ryan Morick, Client Service Lead

As the Client Service Lead, Ryan thoughtfully ensures that all AnalysisWorks' clients receive the best possible experience. His strong attention to detail and customer service mentality allow Ryan to keep everyone both organized and satisfied. Ryan has over 10 years of experience working in various customer service roles and 4 years in Patient Safety and Assisted Living Organizations. These experiences have allowed him to support various projects by communicating with clients and shareholders and ensuring deliverables are clear and concise.

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