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Your Partner in Getting Better Numbers

AnalysisWorks’ innovative solutions help your organization perform at a higher-level.

  • Engaging Evidence: Make better decisions with the right data
  • Smart Solutions: Perform at a higher-level with the right tools
  • Collaborative Change: Build positive momentum for lasting change

The best in analytics that help your organization gain a competitive advantage

Make million-dollar decisions with confidence by leveraging analytics to help you be more nimble than your competition. AnalysisWorks works with you at all levels to accelerate how your organization uses data to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Diagnose: Find out where your organization is falling short
  • Strategize: Choose improvements with the greatest ROI
  • Implement: Build the needed tools, systems and skill-sets

Evidence-based healthcare to improve patient care and hospital performance

Make better use of expensive resources through objective, data-driven decision making. AnalysisWorks helps you engage healthcare professionals, management and staff with actionable solutions that make a true difference for your patients and your hospitals.

  • Bed Allocation: Put patients in the right bed for the right care
  • OR Time Allocation: Increase patients’ access to surgery
  • Surgical Smoothing: Maximize patient flow through your surgical suite
  • Clinical Planning: Streamline operations and improve the patient experience

Advanced aerospace analytics to improve plant performance and reduce uncertainty

Plan your operations and logistics with extreme confidence through data-driven, analytical decision support. AnalysisWorks helps you to quickly assess the benefits and risks of different courses of action.

  • Capital Asset Planning: Ensure the right tools are in place when and where you need them
  • Workflow Improvement Analysis: Increase production rates to keep up with demand
  • Project Portfolio Management: Coordinate project tracking and progress toward company goals

Evidence-based planning to get your educational institution moving in the right direction

Establish a clear path forward through consensus-based decision making informed by real data. AnalysisWorks helps you identify actionable strategies that align students, staff and resources towards a better future.

  • Strategic Planning: Build a strategic plan that everyone can get behind
  • Labour Market Analysis: Identify which programs you should focus on now and in the future
  • Information Integrity Review: Make sure your institution has the right data to drive the right actions

Innovative solutions, technologies, and management consulting services for your organization

No matter your industry, AnalysisWorks helps you perform at a higher-level through custom solutions to fit your exact need. Here is just a sample of how we can help your organization work smarter, not harder:

  • Resource Allocation: Determine the best use of your expensive resources
  • Simulation: Reduce your uncertainty when making complex decisions
  • Data Mining: Empower your decisions using hidden patterns in your data