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Improve patient care and hospital performance

AnalysisWorks helps you make the best use of your expensive healthcare resources

  • Bed Allocation: Put patients in the right bed for the right care
  • OR Time Allocation: Increase patient’s access to surgery
  • Surgical Smoothing: Maximize patient flow through your surgical suite
  • Clinical Planning: Streamline operations and improve the patient experience

Data-driven bed allocations so that you have the right bed for your patients

Allocate inpatient beds to clinical programs based on bed utilization patterns, performance targets, and access considerations. Our Bed Allocation Methodology (BAM) helps sites get clear on “who owns the patient on what day” to improve patient care and reduce chaos.

  • Patient ownership: Determine when and where the patient would get the best care
  • Fair bed allocations: Realign your bed map to better serve your patient populations
  • Accountability: Replace territorial ward mentality with a team of interdisciplinary care-givers

Rebalance OR time allocations to increase patient access

The Fair OR Time Allocation (FORTA) methodology levels the playing field for both surgeons and patients, eliminating unnecessary disputes and aligning your resources to the patient population who needs access the most.

  • Data transparency: Reduce unproductive arguments with a shared understanding of the system’s health
  • Fair allocations: Align OR time with data to achieve institutional goals that increase patient access
  • Manageable change: Move towards a better future state through actionable results

Synchronize surgeries and beds to maximize patient flow

Level demand for your surgical beds through short-term forecasting of inpatient bed need. AnalysisWorks’ Dynamic Surgical Smoothing helps departments to eliminate the guesswork of bed planning to maximize OR usage and avoid costly, last-minute cancellations.

  • Forecast demand: Utilize historical patterns to eliminate the guesswork
  • Plan two-weeks ahead: Large lead times reduce the chaos of last-minute bed planning
  • Realize better outcomes: Reduce surgical cancellations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase morale

Develop clinical service plans that streamline operations and improve the patient experience

AnalysisWorks’ experienced team of operational engineers and planning experts work with your healthcare professionals to design clinical services that incorporate the biggest improvement opportunities in a plan that is actionable and achievable.

  • Stakeholder engagement: Get the right input through dynamic workshops and our interactive KI System
  • Data-driven decisions: Test and prove major design decisions through simulation modeling and other analytical tools
  • Maximize the opportunity: Develop plans that optimize flow and take advantage of the latest ideas and innovations.